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Are you located in Delaware and are in need of a portable restroom service? We offer porta potty rental services for every kind of occasion, regardless of size. From Delaware City to Wilmington, Dover to Seaford, if you need to rent a porta potty – we are the ones you want to call! For more information about service area please check this page.

Have questions? We will answer them!

If you’re looking for a portable toilet rental in Delaware, then our goal is to make it as simple and easy as possible to order such a service. We treat every call we get in a professional manner, meaning that we will answer any question you have about our services in order to assist you in making the right decision. Our expert staff is more than happy to suggest the right number of porta-potty units based on your needs and schedule their delivery, servicing and pick-up.

No job is too big or too small for us.

We will take on any sized project. If you’re a homeowner hosting a party and this is the first time you are in need of porta-potties or if you’re an event organizer that rents hundreds of units on a regular basis – we offer the same quality service to everyone. Our promise extends to both big and small rentals – we will deliver on time, pick them up at the scheduled date and do it all at the most affordable prices in all of Delaware.

Dependable service and affordable prices anywhere in Delaware.

We believe that our prices are fair and everyone should be able to rent a porta-potty if the need arises. Our prices are based on the number of units you will require, the length of time you will be using them for and whether there is a need for regular clean-up and servicing of the units. Call us right now at (302) 339-8043 and we will give you a free price quote.

Services we provide

Porta-potty rental isn’t only about getting a porta-potty delivery on your property. We also specialize in:

  • Setup. We will deliver the mobile restroom units at your location and install them accordingly. This means that they’re ready to be used right after we have made the delivery.
  • Service. If this is a bigger event, you will want regular servicing and cleaning of the restrooms. Our company takes care of this. We can set a regular schedule for us to come and clean-up the porta-potties.
  • Pick-up. When the event is over, just call and our crew will come to pick up the units.
  • Cleaning. We also offer any emergency cleaning and servicing, should the need arise.

Why use porta-potties instead of regular bathrooms?

Some people might be wondering what the advantages are to renting a porta-potty vs. using traditional restrooms. This is a valid question and there are a number of advantages we can list.

First of all, if you’re hosting a small event at your home and you’re going to be having less than a dozen people, you can probably do away without one. However, not everybody is comfortable with having a dozen people go in their homes. If the number of people gets slightly more than a dozen, you’ll certainly have a small line forming to the bathroom. In addition to this, a regular bathroom can get its pipes clogged and will require a janitor to clean it up regularly. With a portable toilet unit, these concerns go away since there are no pipes and servicing is done according to what you requested when you placed your order. Other advantages of having a portable restroom facility is that it can be easily moved to another location for easier access, something you’d be hard pressed to do with a regular restroom.

When it comes to big events, portable toilets are your only option. Having traditional restrooms for a rock concert can quickly turn ugly if there are no janitors around to clean up regularly. Some venues don’t even have the necessary number of toilets to accommodate a large number of people so in such cases renting a porta-potty is really a no-brainer.

Unsanitary porta-potties – debunking the myth

Most people think porta-potties are unsanitary and really bad smelling. We can safely say that this is a thing of the past. While this may have been the case in the ’60s when porta-potties were first commercialized, advances in technology have the porta-potty of today just as clean and easy to use as regular toilets. All of this comes is due to better chemicals and disinfectants, improved ventilation and the addition of portable hand-washing stations that are now becoming more common place wherever a porta-potty is installed.

We dare say that the newer restroom trailers available for rent are almost indistinguishable from regular restroom facilities.

While the single-unit stall is still the most affordable solution for many, this type of portable toilet is now equipped with improved disinfectants and deodorizers which means that using such a unit is more than acceptable, something that could not be said in the past.

Additional services and hygiene products that we offer

  • Standard Porta-Potties
  • Deluxe or Extra Large Porta-Potties
  • Restroom Trailers
  • Hand-washing Stations
  • Portable Showers

Who rents porta-potties in Delaware?

We have many clients with different needs, ranging from those who order one or two units for a small, one-off event to those who regularly order hundreds of portable toilets for work and other public events. Some people rent for only a couple of hours while others require our portable restroom services for several months on end.

Private events: some people call to rent our portable toilets for private events such as birthday parties, wedding receptions (outdoor) and other types of gatherings.

Outdoor public events: these can be anything from concerts, to festivals, to carnivals and fairs and even different types of conventions. If you’re going to have many people in the same spot for a couple of hours then you can be sure they will need some kind of portable restroom facility.

Outdoor work sites: customers rent our portable toilets for construction sites, landscaping businesses and other types of businesses that have people performing work outside. Farms and camps also call for our services.


Call us today at (302) 339-8043 if you have any questions, would like a free price quote or want to schedule a porta potty delivery. We pride ourselves on offering dependable service to all of Delaware!

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